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the automotive industry welcomes a more prosperous new ecosystem
时间:2023-4-23 14:41:19      发布者:管理员
i still remember that the guangzhou auto show, which marks the beginning of the new year, is still exploring how to boost confidence in the automotive industry. just four months later, the shanghai auto show, which has also entered its twentieth year, passionately announced the "embrace of a new era in the automotive industry" with over a million visitors, over a thousand participating companies, and over a hundred debut new cars. this is an era of speed determination, an era without boundaries, an undefined era, and this new era points to a more prosperous new ecosystem in the automotive industry.
"too slow!" yu chengdong, the executive director of huawei, could not resist roast when he released the interworld m5 smart driving version, "the update of high-precision maps is too slow, and the speed of obtaining them is too slow for a city to city. we have to wrestle with a small road in shanghai for a long time." so interworld m5 smart driving version took the lead in realizing high-speed, high-level urban intelligent driving functions that do not rely on high-precision maps. in fact, yu chengdong's roast is applicable to all aspects of the century old auto industry. the auto industry, which was once stable and sold a classic model for decades, has come to the present. especially in the fast changing chinese market, it suddenly found that the original market rules and competitive logic have failed, and "big fish eat small fish" has become "fast fish eat slow fish". "unchanged" can not cope with "ten thousand changes", whether it's luxury brands or luxury brands, being high and above will only be voted by consumers with their feet. only by lowering their heads to listen to consumer needs, being faster, newer, and smarter can they have a market.
when time given higher speeds becomes an important factor of production, it is inevitable that various boundaries will be broken under the impact of speed. at this year's shanghai auto show, the "home" position of gasoline powered vehicles has been replaced by new energy vehicles, and the former "roles" of domestic and foreign car companies have also been "exchanged". an overseas media article titled 'chinese car buyers have given up their love for foreign brands' highlights the current anxiety of multinational car companies, and the frequent occurrence of multinational car companies forming groups to learn from domestic brand booths at the shanghai auto show also confirms this viewpoint. byd, which ranked first in global new energy vehicle sales in 2022, had more foreign friends test riding on its first day of exhibition booth. the self owned brand of millionaire luxury car, which made its debut at the shanghai auto show, was surrounded by executives from ultra luxury brands such as ferrari, lamborghini, and bentley. a netizen commented, "now foreign car companies are coming to learn from us, not from us anymore
the rapid rise of china in the field of new energy vehicles has not only broken the inherent boundaries of the century old automotive industry, but also brought the chinese automotive market into an undefined new era with its huge scale and incremental space: endless innovation opportunities, diverse technological routes, endless possibilities, and ample trial and error space... making the chinese automotive market more charming. at this year's shanghai auto show, the passionate collision of various professional perspectives and different technical routes has become a unique landscape: from the opposition of "unmanned driving is a scam" to "intelligent driving is the future", from the debate of "fusion perception" in intelligent driving to "pure visual perception", from the intelligent driving system relying on high-precision maps to the ads 2.0 system without maps, from lithium-ion batteries to sodium ion batteries, and then to ultra fast charging systems... the impact and sprint of technological innovation are precisely the characteristics of this new era.
on the banks of the constantly flowing huangpu river, the century old automotive industry has unfolded a future picture in shanghai, which has always stood at the forefront of the times. a more prosperous new ecosystem is building a solid underlying structure, and the strong industrial competitiveness of china's automotive industry will grow in tandem.