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demand drives accelerated restructuring of the automotive market industry
时间:2023-4-23 14:38:51      发布者:管理员
traditional car companies are accelerating their transformation, new car brands stand out, and the development of new energy vehicles has shifted from policy driven to market driven... since the beginning of the year, under the influence of many factors, the automotive market has ushered in changes.
on the one hand, consumer demand needs to be released; on the other hand, new energy vehicles continue to maintain rapid growth and accelerate their layout towards electrification and intelligence. relevant departments and industry experts stated in interviews that china's automotive industry is entering a period of accelerated restructuring.
intensive release of new car models in a hot and competitive market
the haval xiaolong max equipped with the intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology hi4 made its debut, the first mpv model of the great wall wei brand, the wei brand gaoshan dht-phev, was released, and the 2023 euler ballet cat came into the market... at the 20th shanghai international automobile industry exhibition, many new products of great wall motor were released, attracting attention.
the debut of a new car is not only a new feature of the shanghai auto show, but also a keyword in the automotive market since the beginning of the year.
since the beginning of this year, many car brands have introduced price incentives to gain market share through promotions. in addition to price competition, numerous new models are being released intensively, consolidating their competitive position in the market and expanding their niche areas.
gac trumpchi's first plug-in hybrid new model, the trumpchi e9, has opened for pre-sale; byd's new model, the song l concept car, is expected to be launched within the year; nio motor's 2023 et7 has been launched, with over 15 product updates and upgrades... from the launch of concept cars to the pre-sale and launch of new models, it has become the focus of car companies' efforts in 2023 to compete for greater market share through new products and models.
behind the concentrated appearance of numerous new models is the increasingly competitive market.
industry insiders point out that currently, the task of stabilizing growth in the automotive industry is still relatively heavy, and consumption still needs to be further restored, putting pressure on the automotive market to some extent. on the other hand, after the transition of the new energy vehicle race track from subsidies to market orientation, the competition in cost, technology, research and development becomes more obvious. with the development of green and low-carbon industries, a large number of car companies have increased their layout on new tracks, accelerating the pace of industrial development towards electrification and intelligence. under fierce competition, the automotive market pattern is reshaping.
intelligent acceleration demand drives industrial upgrading
at the shanghai auto show, saic intelligent has released "ai4m intelligent strategy", which will launch large-scale mass production of intelligent technologies such as vmc central coordination motion controller.
zu xiangjie, vice president and chief engineer of saic group, told reporters that from the launch of the "cloud management end integration" intelligent vehicle full stack solution to the release of the "three-year action plan for the development of new energy vehicles", saic has accelerated its progress towards the new electric intelligent track. we are shaping the vehicle integration capabilities and innovative advantages from chips and operating systems to three electronic systems and scenarios, "said zu xiangjie.
the market is always in flux. consumers pursue safer, smarter, and more environmentally friendly experiences, constantly upgrading their demand, and driving industrial transformation and innovation.
the aito quest m5 intelligent driving version, jointly developed by celes and huawei, debuted at the shanghai auto show. we continue to carry out research and development of the core three electric systems, independently develop a super electric drive intelligent technology platform, achieving high performance, long endurance, and low energy consumption, "said the person in charge of celes group.
chairman and ceo of volkswagen group (china), bairuide, stated that electric mobility and digitization are the main driving factors for the transformation of the chinese automotive market. volkswagen group has established a partnership with chinese high-tech enterprises to significantly enhance local research and development capabilities in software and research related to digitalization and autonomous driving.
we will carry out research on electrification technologies such as all solid-state batteries and high-power fuel cells, upgrade energy-saving hybrid technologies, and promote technological breakthroughs in vehicle grade chips and operating systems... in recent times, there have been frequent innovative actions in the industry.
guo shougang, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the ministry of industry and information technology, recently stated that the automotive industry has entered a new stage of development in electrification and intelligence. the ministry of industry and information technology will continue to promote the exploration and innovative application of new technologies, models, and formats, and continuously improve the level of industrial electrification and intelligence.
cloud collaboration and chain innovation
industrial ecological reshaping
recently, neusoft ruichi, an automotive basic software and operating system company, and zf group, a global automotive parts manufacturer, have reached a strategic partnership to deepen cooperation in projects such as domain controllers and high computing power platforms, jointly achieving comprehensive software development.
cao bin, general manager of neusoft ruichi, told reporters that in recent years, more and more top car companies and component manufacturers have increased their joint research and innovation in the industrial chain. 'software defined cars' is a major trend in industrial development, and this innovative model not only improves research and development efficiency, but also strengthens ecosystem cooperation, "he said.
many exhibitors participating in the shanghai auto show told reporters that in addition to promoting new independent brands, technology companies and suppliers participating and signing contracts are a prominent feature of the auto show. this precisely indicates that the overall level of the domestic automotive industry chain is improving, as well as the trend of integrated innovation and collaborative development.
saic group and oppo jointly released the "vehicle machine cross end integration solution", signed a contract to establish the "ecological domain joint laboratory", and promoted the development and implementation of related technologies and products; nezha motors signed a cooperation agreement with horizon to deepen cooperation around algorithm technology and create a higher level of intelligent assisted driving system... building a cloud ecosystem, strengthening "chain" innovation, and promoting cross domain cooperation, the "circle of friends" is becoming larger and larger.
fu bingfeng, executive vice president of the china association of automobile manufacturers, said that upstream and downstream enterprises are continuously increasing innovation investment, actively exploring new business models, and the new industrial chain ecology will form more market space, driving the development of emerging industries such as the internet of vehicles, cloud computing, and high-precision maps.
the reporter learned from the ministry of industry and information technology that the ministry of industry and information technology will focus on cultivating emerging industrial chains and supply chains in key areas. at the same time, in conjunction with relevant departments, it will study policy measures to further promote automobile consumption and continue to tap into consumption potential.